Friday, April 5, 2013

The AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge:Day Day 4

Here's the day 4 highlights! As I type this I am at the beginning of day 5 and feeling really awesome! Seriously cannot believe the energy I have throughout the day. I'm so excited to see the results from the 10 day cleanse and move on to the 14 day max phase of the challenge! 

Lindsay's Day

Food: Kashi cereal. Celery. Blueberries. Carrots. Cherry tomatoes. Salad. AdvoBar. Chicken noodle casserole (egg noodles). Peas.

Energy Levels: Great

Exercise: Lunges. Dead leg lifts. Squats. Stretches. Ran 3.4 miles.

Success: Feeling really good today - full of energy, healthy, focused. Plus it was nice to be able to run outside today :)

Challenge: Really starting to miss salt and realizing just how much I use.

John's Day

Food: Raisin Bran. A couple handfuls of unsalted peanuts. Banana. Apple. Fat free yogurt. Sugar free pudding. Left over spaghetti with meat sauce (whole grain pasta & lean ground beef). Carrots. Apple juice. Chicken noodle casserole (egg noodles). Peas.

Energy Levels: Pretty good. No dip in energy levels despite giving up coffee, pop, & 5 hour energy. Replaced all caffeinated drinks with Spark. Drinking 3 Sparks a day.

Exercise: Weights ( biceps & triceps) Cardio - 2.5 miles on the elliptical.

Success: John's considering every day he does the cleanse "without cheating" a success.

Challenge: Meal planning. Giving up coffee, pop, tea, continues to be a challenge.

I also realized I've been forgetting to record our water intake. We've both been drinking a lot of water, which isn't a huge change for us. About 70 - 80 ounces for me (Lindsay) and 100-120 for John.


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