Saturday, August 14, 2010

Women and Body Image

Why is it that women tend to have such poor body images? We are all guilty of it. My nose it too big. My breasts are too small. I need to lose 10 pounds.

Just today, I was talking to some other woman on Twitter - beautiful women, I might add. The conversation started because I changed my avatar picture. My twitter friends were telling me they liked my new picture and I was thanking them for the nice compliments. Then, when I complimented them back, the negative comments started. It always baffles me how gorgeous women sometimes have such poor self-images.

Thinking back to my college classes on women's issues, I started thinking about how society, particularly the advertising and entertainment fields, create such unrealistic ideals of beauty. Real women will never be able to live up to that standard. Why? Because that kind of perfection doesn't exist.

Models starve themselves. Their pictures are photo-shopped and air-brushed to make them look thinner and make their blemishes disappear. Not to mention the make-up that covers all imperfections.

Don't get me wrong, I love to look my best. I rarely leave the house without make-up on and I blow-dry and flat-iron my hair pretty much every day. I try to by form-flattering clothes that accentuates my best features. I like to get my eyebrows waxed, my nails done, and I have been known to get the occasional pedicure. Still I think the sexiest thing a woman can do is to be self- confident!

Flaunt what you've got!

As mothers, we need to be able to be a good role model for our daughters. (I have 2 boys, but I plan to have a girl someday soon... Different story...Infertility...Fingers crossed!) Anyways, when I have a daughter, one of the most important things I am going to teach her is how to love herself and how to be proud of her intelligence and have a positive self-image! In the mean time, I am teaching my boys how to respect women and how to be kind/chivalrous to little girls.

What are your thoughts on body image and how to be a good role model for young girls?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Fun Facts AKA Random Stuff

1. I LOVE Fridays!!! Not only because it's Friday and the weekend is about to begin, but also because Friday means #FF or #FollowFriday on Twitter. I am addicted to Twitter and I love getting new Twitter followers and on Friday's I have so many awesome Twitter friends that recommend me to even more awesome Twitter friends! 

2. Yesterday I had an appointment with my fertility doctor. I have PCOS and secondary infertility. The appointment went OK. Not good. Not back. Just OK. My levels aren't where they should be for this time in my cycle, but that's OK b/c they can modify the does of the fun Follistim shots I am taking. Every. Single. Day. Good news is I learned how to give these shots to myself so hubby doesn't have to give them to me.

3. When I was 18 I got a tattoo. Today I was telling my new friend @TheFairyLover about my tattoo. It is a frog tattoo on my right ankle. I used to collect frogs. I don't anymore. Now I just have a giant frog tattoo. I think tattoos are awesome. I might get another one some day... Here is a picture of my frog.

4. Today my dog Maxie, puked on the carpet in the front living room. So gross. Guess who go to clean it up? Hubs has been working late. A lot. Busy season is just about to start. Soon it will really suck. He hates the hours. I feel for him. But it really sucks b/c when he is not home I get to do all the gross stuff he would normally do for me... like clean up dog puke.

5. I'm soooo tired that I can't think of a #5. Oh, wait. How about this... If you aren't following me with GFC, and on Twitter, and on Facebook - you really should! I love meeting new people!


Meet the Man Behind Mr.MomOnline & Enter the Nils-Online Giveaway

A week or so ago I blogged about wanting to do some great back to school giveaways. My friend Nils, who I "met" through Twitter @MrMomOnline commented on my blog and offered to sponsor a giveaway. Nils has an online store where he sells a variety of really cool stuff including a variety of coffee, baby toys, books, dvd's, and even Christmas decorations. So, this is not technically a back to school giveaway, but I am still super-excited about it!

Nils and I have been emailing back and forth all week getting this giveaway together. This is his first time sponsoring a giveaway and I think he is just as excited to sponsor the giveaway as I am to promote it!

Nils started his online store in 2005, originally called Made-In-Germany-Company. The store began by selling only unique German Christmas Gifts (ie.Nutcracker, Smoker men, Glass ornaments etc.). All of the Christmas products are imported from Germany. They are hand made and hand painted in Germany.

The store name was changed to Nils-Online after Nils son was born last year. He wanted to expand the variety of products offered in his store to includ wooden children toys from Germany, organic children toys, and other useful items for kids and parents.

Nils is constantly looking for new items to expand the variety of products he offers in his store. He plans to have much more in stock for the Christmas Season as early as next month. (Maybe if we are really nice, Nils will come back and sponsor another giveaway at Christmas time!)

Here is what you can win... A gift collection ($85 value) that includes all of the following items:

2 lbs of German Coffee
A Teddy Bear from Germany

Teething Bling by Smart Moms Jewlery
"Beautiful for Moms and Safe for Babies"

A Head Massager

2 "Bouncies" 
A Handmade German Toy that is known in Europe as "Schwingfiguren" (for ages 3 and up)

Gift Collection

How to Enter:
The giveaway will be held from Friday 8/13 thru Tuesday 8/17. Please make a separate comment for EACH entry. Winner will be chosen at random.
Mandatory Entry: 
Go to and let us know what other products you like best!

Additional Entries: 
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Good Luck!

Verseo Back to School Stress-Free Gift Bag

And the winner is.... Jess over at StraightTalkJess You can congratulate her on Twitter @Jessesco

So I'm a genius who just found a random number generator at - (If you look to the bottom left sidebar you will see the pretty widget I made!) Yeah, well this will save me boatloads of time tearing up little pieces of paper and letting one of my kids draw the winner out of a hat... Lol Seriously though...

Anywhooo........... The random number generator picked lucky #8!!!! I want to figure out how to post a little pic of the random number generator with the winners number on it, but for some reason I can save it as a pic to upload... If you know how to do this please let me know! =)

Congratulations to our winner and a big THANK YOU to Verseo for sponsoring this giveaway. You could still win one of these fabulous Back to School Stress-Free Gift Backs at 8/15 - 9/15 - click here for more information

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Making Marriage Work

My one year anniversary is coming up on August 22nd and it has got me thinking about marriage. What makes marriage work? What are the biggest issues married couples face? Why are some marriages successful and others are not? Can you "divorce proof" your marriage?

Here are my thoughts...

 There are a variety of factors that contribute to a successful marriage. Love is obviously a key ingredient. Friendship is another important aspect of marriage. A shared faith in God. Living by similar values. Trusting one another and being trustworthy. Respect for each other as individuals as well as respect for the marital relationship. Understanding that the marriage is the primary relationship in the family. The parent-child relationship comes second to that marital relationship. (This is especially important if your spouse has children from a previous relationship. Read more here.) Spending quality time together. Being honest with one another. Physical intimacy - yes,  holding hands, kissing, cuddling, etc does count! Patience. Empathy. Communication. Working together well.

The biggest issues married couples face: Parenting. Money. Sex. Household chores. In-laws. Those are the biggies. Behind every marital "hot button" there is a hard-wired belief that is usually the root of the problem. The topics listed above often provide the battlefield for a couple to argue about their differing values and needs. Many points of conflict in marital relationships come down to each spouse wanting to feel loved and wanting to feel valued as a person. The desire to be loved is one of the strongest human needs.

Why are some marriages successful, why others fail? There are so many different ways to answer this question and I'm not sure what the "right" answer is... Sometimes two people just aren't compatible. Sometimes people fall in love and get married so quickly, they haven't really had time to get to know each other a the deepest level. Sometimes one or both partners are too immature to truly understand what it means to be married. Sometimes marriage just doesn't work out. To me, successful marriages all seem to have three basic things in common; 1) friendship, 2) love, 3) acceptance. Marriage is hard work. It takes two people to make a marriage work. You must make a conscious commitment every day to love your spouse - especially when it is hard to love them.

Can you divorce-proof  a marriage? I think it depends on the marriage. If you are on the same page with your spouse about committing to each other, loving each other, and supporting each other through thick and thin; then, yes, I think you can divorce proof your marriage. If you are in a physically or emotionally abusive relationship it is not healthy for you, or you children. My advice to married women is to consciously choose to put your marriage up on a pedestal - understand that whatever difficult situations are going on in your relationship, your marriage is safe and untouchable up on that pedestal.

What's your advice on how to make marriage work? I love to hear from you. Let's start a discussion.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: The (Shared) Birthday Gift

Riley's birthday was August 9th. Khegan's is September 13th. Aunt Mickey and Uncle Nick got them this present to share... Let the fun begin!

My Life Coaching Program is Live!

My life purpose is to encourage and inspire other women, particularly mothers, as we traverse this long and winding road we call life. In my writing, I have been (and will continue to be) extremely open and honest about my life's journey and the challenges I have faced. I have learned a lot in my 28 years and I am continuing to learn more each and every day.

I do not profess to know more about life and how to get the most out of it, than anyone else. However, everything I do know, I would like the opportunity to share with others. Through my personal blog, A New Breed of Mom, and now though my life coaching program, The Transforming My Life Project, I will continue to strive to encourage and inspire other mothers to dream big! 

It is my dream to eventually earn a living as a work at home mom. My plan is to increase the traffic to this blog (and therefore the earning potential), build up a clientele for my life coaching program, and to write and publish a book. Since starting this blog I have met an incredible group of women, mothers, fathers, and people through Twitter and social media networking.

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who has supported me by commenting on my blog posts, entering a giveaway on this site, reading my other publications, or just offering kind words of encouragement through your tweets.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to School for the Modern Family

Let's face it - life is hectic for families these days. For families with school-age children, life can be particularly challenging. During the school year families must manage to juggle before school childcare, after school childcare, homework, sports, extra-curricular activities, school fundraisers, PTA meetings, volunteering at school events, plays, concerts, field trips, parent-teacher conferences, book bags stuffed with papers, report cards to return, daily agenda books needing signed, and the list goes on and on.

Keeping up with life during the school year can be particularly challenging if both parents work, like in my family. When school gets out for the summer it's not just the children breathing a sigh of relief. My husband and I were counting down the days as the end of the 2009-2010 school year approached. Since then we've settled into our summer routine.

As a busy, modern-day, mom who tries to juggle it all, I greatly appreciate the respite that the slower, summer pace provides. No book bags to cart back and forth, no homework to review, and my children read for fun and not because their agenda book says they have to read for twenty minutes. Leisurely summer evenings sitting on the deck are the perfect medicine to call the craziness that the school year entails.

Alas, this summer is quickly drawing to an end, and it's time for my family to start gearing up for another hectic year. Do not despair, because there is hope in managing the madness! Below are several strategies, that when implemented correctly, can help parents to minimize the chaos that goes along with a new academic year.

Routines, Routines, Routines! Set up routines for homework, dinner time, and bed time and watch your children thrive.

Get Enough Sleep! Both children and parents will benefit immensely from a good seven - nine hours. This will also minimize the "morning grouchies" for the entire family!

Plan Ahead! Don't put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today. By completing chores such as packing school lunches, unloading the dishwasher, and setting out clothes the night before; parents can save time and reduce stress during their morning rush.

Be a Good Gookkeeper! For a busy family, it is imperative to keep a schedule or a planner. Whether mom keeps a calendar tucked away in her purse or dad had the family's schedule programmed into his phone, being a good bookkeeper will do wonders for your sanity.

Know Your Limits! As parents we want our children to have every opportunity in the world, but over scheduling every waking second of your children's lives will be stressful for them and stressful for you! Limit the extra-curricular activities and events to a manageable level.

By utilizing these suggestions, you can get the 2010 - 2011 school year started off on the right foot. Tell  your children now that this school yer will involve some changes in your house. And, then, let the fun begin!

Winner of Iron Man Lunch Box from Theromos Brand

And the winner is.... Sara P. AKA @Doodle741! Congratulations!

There will be more chances to win from @ThermosBrand tomorrow from 2-3 pm EDT as they host a Back to School Twitter Party using the hashtag #ThermosBTS. See you there!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Verseo Back to School Giveaway

Back to School is quickly approaching! Moms, I think it's time for you to relax and unwind after a busy summer. A New Breed of Mom is teaming up with Verseo, Inc. to help reduce your stress. Enter now for your chance to win a Verseo Back to School Stress-Free Gift Bag valued at $70!

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Some of their most popular products include; the Verseo ePen Electrolysis System, which has sold over 1 million units, the RollerCell2 Cellulite Reducing Massager, which was featured in The Doctors show as a viable solution for reduction of cellulite, the everLASHing lash growth product - clinically proven to grow fuller lashes in 30 days, and the eGlide Electrolysis Roller which promises to revolutionize permanent hair removal once again. Other products by Verseo include several detox, anti-aging and weight maintenance solutions.

Verseo is so confident you will love their products that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Rejuvenate your mind and body with

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Verseo will be offering more chances to win a Back to School Stress-Free Gift Bag during the Verseo Back to School Sweepstakes from August 15th thru September 15th.

Do It All Calendar and Planner Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway! Also a big thank you to my sponsor, Orange Circle Studio. To choose the winners I put a piece of paper with your name on it in a hat - one for each entry. Each of my boys chose a winner.

Khegan drew the winner for the Do It All Mom Calendar. The winner was Melissa at Diary of a New Mom.

Riley drew the winner for the Do It All Mom Planner. The winner was Julie at Back2BasicsBlog.

Congratulations to our winners!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Baby Turns 8 On August 9th!!!

Today we had Riley's 8th birthday party! I can't believe my baby is turning 8 years old! In honor of him turning eight, I wanted to put up a blog post with an infant picture of him and then another picture with his eight year old self. However, it occurred to me that all of his infant and baby pictures are safely stored away in my grandparents barn - an hour away.

When I moved to Columbus to live with my husband, we lived in a small apartment for about six months before we bought our house. In an effort to save space, I stored a lot of things in my grandparents barn. When we moved into our house, the baby albums never got moved. So I had to choose these pictures from the limited pictures that did make it to our house.  The one on the left was taken when Riley was only a few days old. The one on the right was taken the day Riley was baptized - he was about seven months old. The quality of the pictures isn't great, but you can see what an adorable baby he was!

And now he is a big 8 year old boy! He will be in second grade next year. He can pour his own milk. He can make his own bed. He can read. There are so many things he can do for himself now. I am so proud of the sweet young man he is becoming. Still, I am a touch sad that he is getting so big and the years are passing so quickly. He's went from this sweet adorable little baby, to this big bright-eyed boy!