Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Fun Facts AKA Random Stuff

1. I LOVE Fridays!!! Not only because it's Friday and the weekend is about to begin, but also because Friday means #FF or #FollowFriday on Twitter. I am addicted to Twitter and I love getting new Twitter followers and on Friday's I have so many awesome Twitter friends that recommend me to even more awesome Twitter friends! 

2. Yesterday I had an appointment with my fertility doctor. I have PCOS and secondary infertility. The appointment went OK. Not good. Not back. Just OK. My levels aren't where they should be for this time in my cycle, but that's OK b/c they can modify the does of the fun Follistim shots I am taking. Every. Single. Day. Good news is I learned how to give these shots to myself so hubby doesn't have to give them to me.

3. When I was 18 I got a tattoo. Today I was telling my new friend @TheFairyLover about my tattoo. It is a frog tattoo on my right ankle. I used to collect frogs. I don't anymore. Now I just have a giant frog tattoo. I think tattoos are awesome. I might get another one some day... Here is a picture of my frog.

4. Today my dog Maxie, puked on the carpet in the front living room. So gross. Guess who go to clean it up? Hubs has been working late. A lot. Busy season is just about to start. Soon it will really suck. He hates the hours. I feel for him. But it really sucks b/c when he is not home I get to do all the gross stuff he would normally do for me... like clean up dog puke.

5. I'm soooo tired that I can't think of a #5. Oh, wait. How about this... If you aren't following me with GFC, and on Twitter, and on Facebook - you really should! I love meeting new people!



Mama B said...

OMG I have a frog tattoo! lol (only mine is ummm- in a 'special' spot! lol in my defense I was 16)
I remember my first cycle of follistim- I had to rush to find more med. b/c my levels were so off I had to do 10 days instead of the 5 I was prepared for! (it was a hefty $200 extra to find some close to home.. grr)

Jessi said...

I've always wanted to get a tattoo, but I've never been able to decide on something I'd want permanently adorning my body. When I get one, it'll definitely have something to do with my children. I'll always love them!

Lindsay Williams said...

Bonnie - I liked your frog tattoo! You should write a post about it! We are frog tattoo friends! Lol

Jessi - A tattoo about your kids is totally cool!

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