Saturday, June 26, 2010

Top #10 Reasons I HATE Cleaning Bathrooms (and some other fun tidbits)

We are winding down our week of no kids. This week has been a nice break, but I miss my little ones! Over the course of the week I've gotten to write in peace, enjoy a quiet house, sleep in an extra 30 minutes, arrive home 30 minutes early, meet the girls for happy hour, and spend some quality time with my sweet hubby.

Today, we slept in! Me til about 9 and then I laid around in bed because it was sooo nice not to have to jump up to settle an argument or feed two starving boys! Hubs slept til 11 o'clock! I was uber surprised because this is the man that gets up at 5 am all week long and 8 am on the weekends!

After a relaxing morning of sleeping in, drinking a whole pot of coffee all by myself (me & hubs have separate coffee pots, but that is another story entirely!), and talked on the phone for like 2 straight hours (so nice to talk w/o fifty-million child-related interruptions!); I finally decided to get my butt in gear and do something productive...

While hubs got a start on our laundry, which was considerably less than normal w/o the kids being here to use a different towel every day of the week, I started what I consider to be the worstest chore ever! Cleaning the bathrooms. I HATE cleaning the bathrooms.

Today, it was especially hard to get in the groove b/c hubs wanted to go out to a local sports bar to watch the U.S. team play in the World Cup. Found that weird to begin with b/c hubs hates soccer. He asked if I wanted to go with him and I declined so I could knock out the WORSTEST CHORE EVER!!

So now, for your reading pleasure...

The Top #10 Reasons I HATE Cleaning Bathrooms

10 - Bathrooms are funky! By far the funkiest rooms in the house - nasty!

9 - To clean the funkiest rooms in the house it requires every frickin cleaning supply known to man!

8 - Dragging all those cleaning supplies upstairs!

7- My hands get dried out from those harsh cleaning supplies!

6- Dust and crud!

5 - Soap scum!

4- Hairs sticking to the shower wall!

3- Nasty, moldly grout in the grooves of the tile!

2- Toilets! And we all know what happens in toilets - can we say ewww?!!!

1- In 2 weeks I'll have to clean them again!

Now that it's done (yay!), I am going to go take a shower in a sparkling clean bathroom and dirty it up again! And I think I might join hubs to watch some soccer after all! =)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Grab a Button! Share a Button!

This New Breed Mama is getting more and more crafty every day!!! Today, I got my new business cards in the mail from Vista Print! They (Vista Print) are awesome, by the way, and they have GREAT deals going on too!

Anyhow, it inspired me to get rid of the old 'plain Jane' button that I had, and make a pretty, new button that replicates what's on my business cards. (Matching blog button and business cards! How cool is that?!) AND I made them all by myself ... with the help of some wonderful directions given by Mommy Moment Blog.

So I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE if you would grab my button and link it to your sight! AND if you do... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know b/c I would be HAPPY to return the favor!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Writers Block

Today has been a long day. I’ve worked my normal eight hour day and then I met some friends for a few drinks after work. That’s something I rarely do, but since my boys are not home this week it seemed appropriate to spend a night out with the girls! I didn’t stay out too late because I really wanted to spend some quality time with my hubby tonight.

However, when I got home hubs was in the middle of a TV show and did not seem to get my subtle hints that I wanted his attention. (He can be dense like that sometimes!) Now, most of the time, when my subtle hints are not working, I have no problem giving very direct hints. Example – “I want you to turn that television off and talk to me! Your wife needs your attention and she needs it now!” But, tonight, for some reason, I did not resort to direct hints and retreated upstairs to write.

My blog is my passion and my baby, so to speak, but I also, in an attempt to better my writing skills (remember over-arching goal = book deal!), have been doing some freelance writing. AND, I actually get paid for the freelance writing gig – not much, but it’s real money. So, when I retreated upstairs to the loft to write, I first made the edits to the article for the freelance gig. Then, when I moved on to my bloggy writing, I instantly found myself facing a bad case of writers block.

Writers block is a new experience for me because, well, I am a woman with a lot to say. My first instinct was to come up with some masterful piece about now being a member of Top Mommy Blogs and how everyone should vote for me… which, by the way, you should definitively vote for me. Let me pause for a moment and direct your attention to the pretty little picture in the upper right hand corner of my blog that says “Top Mommy Blogs – Vote for Us!” All you have to do is click on the little button… I know you want to… just click it, already!

After considering writing what would have been a very-much-so self-promoting article about how great it would be for everyone to vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs and also to follow my blog (lower left hand side of screen folks!), I decided against it figuring no one would want to read a blog about how great I think my blog is – that would just be way too self-centered.

Then, the next thought that popped into my head was writing an article about how to talk to your child about death. My husband and I recently found out that one of my stepson’s relatives, to whom he is very-super-a-lot close to, was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer. This relative was told he has only months to live and I am very concerned about how we are going to approach the subject with my stepson, who will no doubt be heart-broken.

But then I decided that it is still too touchy of an issue and would take a lot of energy (that I don’t have at 11:30 at night) to write an article about that subject. So, I took a break from writing and tucked my hubby into bed – he likes it when I tuck him into bed.

Now I am sitting here at my computer blogging about not having anything to blog about. And I’m reading what I have just written above and thinking that it probably makes me look like a very insensitive person to be thinking about self-promoting things like Top Mommy Blogs and serious family issues like death all in the same thought process.

Really though, I am a very sensitive person and always try to consider how my actions could impact other people. Even as I sit here and write this I am thinking about how you (the reader) might be feeling about the content of my rambling blog post. And, on that note, I think that I am thinking way too much and it is past my bedtime.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Sugar Doll Blog Award!

Cate from RealLifewithKids gave me my first ever blog award! I'm so excited! The Sugar Doll Award is an award for your favorite blogs! However, there are rules for the giving and receiving of the Sugar Doll Blog Award...

Rules are as follows:
1.Thank the person who gave it to you!
2.Share 10 things about yourself
3.Pass the award along to 10 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think rock!
4.Contact the bloggers and let them know you’ve picked them for the award.
Thank you! Thank you, Cate! You rock! Love RealLifewithKids and I would give this award right back to ya, but I HATE chain letters/emails so I won't do that you, BUT all of y'all should check her out! This girl's has some bloggin skills!
Now, let's see... Ten things about myself... This should be easy, but I am trying to think up some amusing little facts that you may not already know...
1. I bite my nails
2. I hate mushrooms
3. I was born on Thanksgiving Day
4. I LOVE country music!
5. I'm an avid reader of books - yes, something about turn real paper pages makes me smile :)
6. I like to gamble - scratch off tickets and KENO are my faborites AND slot machines
7. I played softball in highschool - well, for 2 years and then I quit
8. I didn't know what Riley's sex was going to be before he was born - if he was a she her name would be Rylee
9. My favorite color is red
10. I once rode a mechanical bull! True story.
Ok, now it's time for the presentation of the awards! Drum roll please! In no particular order.. Oh, BTW this was soooo hard to bring this list down to 10 - I love all you bloggin mommas out there!
@KishaFloren - This girl is funny! And she is not afraid to speak her mind, in fact she likes going In Through the Out Door !!
@LuckyandSass - Lisa is witty and fun and... She Ain't Heavy !! Oh, and she was the ONLY one of all y'all that took my Father's Day Challenge! he-hmm...
@My2Gs - Lacie takes great pictures (she should hook up with @livelaughshoot, if she hasn't done so already!) Lacie loves to let us see what life down her lane is like at Life Down Our Lane !!
@ColeEmmett - I've just started to read this girl's blog, so I'm embarrassed to say I don't know Cole's momm's first name... but I LOVE reading Cole's First Blog !! And plus, the #junebloghop about weddings was a grand idea!
@JessAriasCooper - Love, love, love reading her stuff! She funny, insightful, and down to earth. Don't trust my opinion follow her because this Mama's Got Flair !!
@MommyMomentBlog - Jody at Mommy Moment is one awesome mama! She has great tips and SWEET, I mean SWEET giveaways!! Hoping to win one some day myself ;)
@carolinamomof3 - Ok, so I don't know if you can really call her site a blog... but this lsweet southern lady knows about beauty, fashion and Mommyhoodunscripted !!
@RockinMommi - She's a mommi and she's rockin! What more is there to say?! Check out her RockinMommi Blog !!
@VersatileMommy - Find out how about the time this mommy peed during a conference call! Still ROFLMAO! She got on her Slippers&Stilettos - say what?!
@stresslessmomma - Are you a momma in need of some stress management skills? Aren't we all?! Check out this momma at Stress Management for Moms !! PS - Fabutastic tweeter too!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A week without kids?! Oh My!

My kids are spending a WHOLE WEEK with with grandpa! My husband drove them to grandpa's house (3 hours away) earlier today!

Of course, I will miss them dearly this week... BUT do you KNOW what this MEANS?!

No kids to get up and dressed and fed in the morning!
No kids to take to the babysitters!
No kids to stop and pick-up after work!
No kids to get into the shower and off to bed!
No kids arguing in the car!
No kids to argue over whose turn it is to take out the dog!
No kids arguing over who gets to control of the computer or the Wii!
No kids arguing over who started the argument!
No kids with hurt feelings (over all the arguing) to tend to!
No kids to making a horrible racket! MY HOUSE WILL BE QUIET!!!
No kids leaving dirty we towels laying around the house!
No kids to make messes that I have to clean up!

Do you see a common theme here? NO KIDS!

Again, I will miss my kids dearly, don't get me wrong... BUT do you KNOW what I will be able to DO?!

I will be able to write in peace!
I will be able to sleep in for an extra 30 minutes each day!
I will be home at least 30 minutes earlier each day!
I will get to be ALONE with HUBS!
I will get to go out and meet my girlfriends for HAPPY HOUR!
I will be able to clean my house and it will STAY clean! (eh, well, if I choose to spend my kidless week cleaning...)
I will be able to blare my radio in the car!

I will be able to go to the grocery store alone!
I will be able to go on a date with hubs without having to arrange for a babysitter!
I will be able to walk around my house in a bath towel, OR NAKED! (but of course, I would never do that!)

Yet again, I will miss my children dearly...BUT do you KNOW how EXCITED I AM??!!



Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day! 100 Reasons I Love My Husband!

In honor of Father's Day, here is a list of #100 reasons why I love my husband. I challenge you to write a post of 100 reasons you love your husband and post the link as a comment.

1. He is a great father!

2. He works hard

3. He is a good provider

4. He takes care of me

5. He does the laundry

6. He is so very handsome

7. He works out 5 days a week

8. He cooks

9. He helps out with cleaning

10. He is smart

11. He is funny

12. He is sexy

13. He makes me feel safe

14. He has become Riley's dad

15. He is responsible

16. I can count on him

17. I trust him

18. He comes home every day after work

19. It is fun to hang out with him

20. He is my best friend

21. He is good to my sisters, my mom, and my family

22. He let's me have my way :-)

23. He sends me flowers

24. He is stable

25. He is very level-headed

26. He puts up with my moods

27. He helps the kids with their homework

28. His big, strong arms

29. His smile

30. His eyes

31. He mows the grass

32. He is learning to do home repairs

33. He is sensitive

34. He is tough

35. He attends all the boys sports games

36. He followed my blog!

37. He is a great uncle

38. He welcomes my family in our home

39. He wants to have a baby with me

40. He cleans the garage

41. He kills spiders for me

42. He takes care of our dog, Maxie

43. He goes to the grocery store with me

44. He bought me a Pandora braclet for mother's day

45. He can be patient - when he wants to...

46. He supports my goals.

47. He wants the same things out of life that I do

48. He appreciates my influence and opion

49. He lets me be in charge of our finances

50. He's generous

51. He lets me know I am important to him

52. He knows me better than anyone

53. Our family is his #1 priority

54. He sticks up for me

55. He lets me be an influence in Khegan's life

56. I can talk to him about anything and everything

57. He takes care of the stuff I hate doing

58. He orders chick flicks for me from Netflix

59. He records my shows

60. He makes an effort when I need quality time

61. He puts family before work

62. He took me to an OSU game when he could have taken a guy friend

63. He bought me a carpet cleaner

64. He uses it to clean our carpet :)

65. He cleans up after dinner

66. I LOVE the way he smells! (usually)

67. He makes me coffee every day

68. He usually responds when I text him during the work day

69. He does a good job setting limits for the boys

70. He takes my breathe away

71. He is the 'heavy' in certain situations

72. He is thoughtful

73. He is a great kisser!

74. He packs the boys school lunches

75. He makes me feel special and loved

76. He help me plan our wedding

77. He holds my hand in the car

78. He is a family man

79. I love his gotee

80. He always wears his wedding ring

81. He pays attention when I talk

82. He tells me he loves me

83. He stays positive

84. He goes to church with me every week

85. He rubs my feet

86. He drives when we go on long trips

87. He makes time for me

88. He shares his life with me

89. He is a good listener

90. He is a Buckeye fan! Go Bucks!

91. He tought me about the NFL draft

92. He will stop to get milk on his way home

93. We are compatible

94. He is outgoing

95. He is sensible

96. He dances with me

97. He sings to me to be silly-sweet :>)

98. He will never say a hurtful word to me

99. He trusts my judgement

100. He loves me forever