Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day! 100 Reasons I Love My Husband!

In honor of Father's Day, here is a list of #100 reasons why I love my husband. I challenge you to write a post of 100 reasons you love your husband and post the link as a comment.

1. He is a great father!

2. He works hard

3. He is a good provider

4. He takes care of me

5. He does the laundry

6. He is so very handsome

7. He works out 5 days a week

8. He cooks

9. He helps out with cleaning

10. He is smart

11. He is funny

12. He is sexy

13. He makes me feel safe

14. He has become Riley's dad

15. He is responsible

16. I can count on him

17. I trust him

18. He comes home every day after work

19. It is fun to hang out with him

20. He is my best friend

21. He is good to my sisters, my mom, and my family

22. He let's me have my way :-)

23. He sends me flowers

24. He is stable

25. He is very level-headed

26. He puts up with my moods

27. He helps the kids with their homework

28. His big, strong arms

29. His smile

30. His eyes

31. He mows the grass

32. He is learning to do home repairs

33. He is sensitive

34. He is tough

35. He attends all the boys sports games

36. He followed my blog!

37. He is a great uncle

38. He welcomes my family in our home

39. He wants to have a baby with me

40. He cleans the garage

41. He kills spiders for me

42. He takes care of our dog, Maxie

43. He goes to the grocery store with me

44. He bought me a Pandora braclet for mother's day

45. He can be patient - when he wants to...

46. He supports my goals.

47. He wants the same things out of life that I do

48. He appreciates my influence and opion

49. He lets me be in charge of our finances

50. He's generous

51. He lets me know I am important to him

52. He knows me better than anyone

53. Our family is his #1 priority

54. He sticks up for me

55. He lets me be an influence in Khegan's life

56. I can talk to him about anything and everything

57. He takes care of the stuff I hate doing

58. He orders chick flicks for me from Netflix

59. He records my shows

60. He makes an effort when I need quality time

61. He puts family before work

62. He took me to an OSU game when he could have taken a guy friend

63. He bought me a carpet cleaner

64. He uses it to clean our carpet :)

65. He cleans up after dinner

66. I LOVE the way he smells! (usually)

67. He makes me coffee every day

68. He usually responds when I text him during the work day

69. He does a good job setting limits for the boys

70. He takes my breathe away

71. He is the 'heavy' in certain situations

72. He is thoughtful

73. He is a great kisser!

74. He packs the boys school lunches

75. He makes me feel special and loved

76. He help me plan our wedding

77. He holds my hand in the car

78. He is a family man

79. I love his gotee

80. He always wears his wedding ring

81. He pays attention when I talk

82. He tells me he loves me

83. He stays positive

84. He goes to church with me every week

85. He rubs my feet

86. He drives when we go on long trips

87. He makes time for me

88. He shares his life with me

89. He is a good listener

90. He is a Buckeye fan! Go Bucks!

91. He tought me about the NFL draft

92. He will stop to get milk on his way home

93. We are compatible

94. He is outgoing

95. He is sensible

96. He dances with me

97. He sings to me to be silly-sweet :>)

98. He will never say a hurtful word to me

99. He trusts my judgement

100. He loves me forever


My2Gs said...

I got a Pandora bracelet for Mother's Day too :-)

Anonymous said...

I loved this idea! I made my list for tomorrow's post!

New Breed Mama said...

@My2Gs - Pandora bracelets are AWESOME!! I love mine!! :-)

@sheaintheavy - So glad you enjoyed and are going to take the challenge! I invite you to come back to this post and link your post in the comments.

Anonymous said...

Done! Thanks for the inspiration :)
Have a good day!

ps. I also adore my pandora!!

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