Saturday, June 26, 2010

Top #10 Reasons I HATE Cleaning Bathrooms (and some other fun tidbits)

We are winding down our week of no kids. This week has been a nice break, but I miss my little ones! Over the course of the week I've gotten to write in peace, enjoy a quiet house, sleep in an extra 30 minutes, arrive home 30 minutes early, meet the girls for happy hour, and spend some quality time with my sweet hubby.

Today, we slept in! Me til about 9 and then I laid around in bed because it was sooo nice not to have to jump up to settle an argument or feed two starving boys! Hubs slept til 11 o'clock! I was uber surprised because this is the man that gets up at 5 am all week long and 8 am on the weekends!

After a relaxing morning of sleeping in, drinking a whole pot of coffee all by myself (me & hubs have separate coffee pots, but that is another story entirely!), and talked on the phone for like 2 straight hours (so nice to talk w/o fifty-million child-related interruptions!); I finally decided to get my butt in gear and do something productive...

While hubs got a start on our laundry, which was considerably less than normal w/o the kids being here to use a different towel every day of the week, I started what I consider to be the worstest chore ever! Cleaning the bathrooms. I HATE cleaning the bathrooms.

Today, it was especially hard to get in the groove b/c hubs wanted to go out to a local sports bar to watch the U.S. team play in the World Cup. Found that weird to begin with b/c hubs hates soccer. He asked if I wanted to go with him and I declined so I could knock out the WORSTEST CHORE EVER!!

So now, for your reading pleasure...

The Top #10 Reasons I HATE Cleaning Bathrooms

10 - Bathrooms are funky! By far the funkiest rooms in the house - nasty!

9 - To clean the funkiest rooms in the house it requires every frickin cleaning supply known to man!

8 - Dragging all those cleaning supplies upstairs!

7- My hands get dried out from those harsh cleaning supplies!

6- Dust and crud!

5 - Soap scum!

4- Hairs sticking to the shower wall!

3- Nasty, moldly grout in the grooves of the tile!

2- Toilets! And we all know what happens in toilets - can we say ewww?!!!

1- In 2 weeks I'll have to clean them again!

Now that it's done (yay!), I am going to go take a shower in a sparkling clean bathroom and dirty it up again! And I think I might join hubs to watch some soccer after all! =)


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