Monday, June 21, 2010

A week without kids?! Oh My!

My kids are spending a WHOLE WEEK with with grandpa! My husband drove them to grandpa's house (3 hours away) earlier today!

Of course, I will miss them dearly this week... BUT do you KNOW what this MEANS?!

No kids to get up and dressed and fed in the morning!
No kids to take to the babysitters!
No kids to stop and pick-up after work!
No kids to get into the shower and off to bed!
No kids arguing in the car!
No kids to argue over whose turn it is to take out the dog!
No kids arguing over who gets to control of the computer or the Wii!
No kids arguing over who started the argument!
No kids with hurt feelings (over all the arguing) to tend to!
No kids to making a horrible racket! MY HOUSE WILL BE QUIET!!!
No kids leaving dirty we towels laying around the house!
No kids to make messes that I have to clean up!

Do you see a common theme here? NO KIDS!

Again, I will miss my kids dearly, don't get me wrong... BUT do you KNOW what I will be able to DO?!

I will be able to write in peace!
I will be able to sleep in for an extra 30 minutes each day!
I will be home at least 30 minutes earlier each day!
I will get to be ALONE with HUBS!
I will get to go out and meet my girlfriends for HAPPY HOUR!
I will be able to clean my house and it will STAY clean! (eh, well, if I choose to spend my kidless week cleaning...)
I will be able to blare my radio in the car!

I will be able to go to the grocery store alone!
I will be able to go on a date with hubs without having to arrange for a babysitter!
I will be able to walk around my house in a bath towel, OR NAKED! (but of course, I would never do that!)

Yet again, I will miss my children dearly...BUT do you KNOW how EXCITED I AM??!!




Cate @ RealLifewithKids said...

Yay! How awesome! Sadly I am Hubsless for the week as he is in SanFran so I will have to live vicariously through you this week! Viva La Kidless Week!

Also wanted to let you know that I have named you as a recipient of an exciting award! Pop on over to my blog and read "My first blog award" to learn more!

Thanks for being an awesome blogger to visit!

New Breed Mama said...

WOW! An award! What a cool idea! I feel so very honored! *Big Smile* :D

Kisha said...

That sounds like heaven! I would kill for a week-the longest I've ever gotten without them is three days!

Kat said...

You know it's nuts but I'm 27 (or will be in less than a month) and I can't imagine having to take care of kids right now! I feel like I am still a kid myself. Funny how life has a way of bringing you what you can handle when you can handle it. Enjoy your kid-free week!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Gonna follow you... cause any friend of Cate's is a friend of mine!

I so remember those "kid less for a week" days. Heck, there were times I would get excited if I was going to be kid less for a couple of hours!

Enjoy your time.

Anonymous said...

so.jealous. :)


New Breed Mama said...

Kisha, I will probably be missing them like crazy in three days! I miss them already. But it is kinda nice not hearing "mommy, mommy" all the time!

Kat, Even after I had my son, I still felt like a kid for a long time. It wasn't until I got married last year and we bought our house that I started feeling like a grown up! :)

JAM, Thanks for the follow! And I love my children, but I know what you mean - I get excited for my alone time!

sheaintheavy - Eat your heart out! J/K ;)

Bree said...

That is AWESOME! Soooo enjoy that for all of us :)

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