Thursday, June 24, 2010

Writers Block

Today has been a long day. I’ve worked my normal eight hour day and then I met some friends for a few drinks after work. That’s something I rarely do, but since my boys are not home this week it seemed appropriate to spend a night out with the girls! I didn’t stay out too late because I really wanted to spend some quality time with my hubby tonight.

However, when I got home hubs was in the middle of a TV show and did not seem to get my subtle hints that I wanted his attention. (He can be dense like that sometimes!) Now, most of the time, when my subtle hints are not working, I have no problem giving very direct hints. Example – “I want you to turn that television off and talk to me! Your wife needs your attention and she needs it now!” But, tonight, for some reason, I did not resort to direct hints and retreated upstairs to write.

My blog is my passion and my baby, so to speak, but I also, in an attempt to better my writing skills (remember over-arching goal = book deal!), have been doing some freelance writing. AND, I actually get paid for the freelance writing gig – not much, but it’s real money. So, when I retreated upstairs to the loft to write, I first made the edits to the article for the freelance gig. Then, when I moved on to my bloggy writing, I instantly found myself facing a bad case of writers block.

Writers block is a new experience for me because, well, I am a woman with a lot to say. My first instinct was to come up with some masterful piece about now being a member of Top Mommy Blogs and how everyone should vote for me… which, by the way, you should definitively vote for me. Let me pause for a moment and direct your attention to the pretty little picture in the upper right hand corner of my blog that says “Top Mommy Blogs – Vote for Us!” All you have to do is click on the little button… I know you want to… just click it, already!

After considering writing what would have been a very-much-so self-promoting article about how great it would be for everyone to vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs and also to follow my blog (lower left hand side of screen folks!), I decided against it figuring no one would want to read a blog about how great I think my blog is – that would just be way too self-centered.

Then, the next thought that popped into my head was writing an article about how to talk to your child about death. My husband and I recently found out that one of my stepson’s relatives, to whom he is very-super-a-lot close to, was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer. This relative was told he has only months to live and I am very concerned about how we are going to approach the subject with my stepson, who will no doubt be heart-broken.

But then I decided that it is still too touchy of an issue and would take a lot of energy (that I don’t have at 11:30 at night) to write an article about that subject. So, I took a break from writing and tucked my hubby into bed – he likes it when I tuck him into bed.

Now I am sitting here at my computer blogging about not having anything to blog about. And I’m reading what I have just written above and thinking that it probably makes me look like a very insensitive person to be thinking about self-promoting things like Top Mommy Blogs and serious family issues like death all in the same thought process.

Really though, I am a very sensitive person and always try to consider how my actions could impact other people. Even as I sit here and write this I am thinking about how you (the reader) might be feeling about the content of my rambling blog post. And, on that note, I think that I am thinking way too much and it is past my bedtime.


Julie said...


I can certainly relate to writers block. In regards to your comment about helping your child with grief, I know of a few resources that might be helpful. PBS recently had a show called "When Families Grieve." Here's a link Here's also some books that might be useful. I hope this helps. In regards to the books, most librarians can guide you on ones that would be best for your child's age and situation. I can't imagine having to discuss death with my child, but unfortunately that is part of life. Your family is in my thoughts.

Julie Theado
Columbus Metropolitan Library

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Am I going blind? I don't see your vote button?

New Breed Mama said...

Julie - Thanks SOOO much for the recommendations. I will definitely check out the show and the books! It's going to be rough as all this progresses and I will take all the help I can get!

WeeMasonMan's Mom - Top right, below my Twitter follow me button! :) Thanks for the vote!!

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