Friday, August 20, 2010

NYM Brand Giveaway Winner

I know for a FACT that the girl that won this giveaway is jumping up and down right now with her Sassy Self!! The winner, generated by the random number generator, is lucky #15!!! Lesa from She' Ain't Heavy, She's My Sister! Or you may know her on Twitter as @LuckyandSass. This Jersey girl is ready to flaunt her sass and tease her hair with all the hairspray!!

Thanks to my sponsor Not Your Mother's Brand! Find them on Twitter @NYMBrands

Sad you lost? @OttosMomBlogs is also hosting a Not Your Mother's Brand Giveaway that is still going on! Follow this link! Tidbits in Parenting


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Lindsey Muth said...

Oh my gosh you are amazing! Thank you for the link and I'm glad Lesa won - I think I found her on twitter because of you and she's a cool girl!

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