Monday, August 16, 2010

The Monday Blues

It's Monday.


This weekend has gone by too quickly. As a working mom, I dread Mondays. Mondays mean the start of another long week. Five more days until the next glimpse of freedom. Five more days I will not be with my kids. Weekends go by so quickly, but sometimes the weeks just drag.

Usually, I try to stay very upbeat and positive about everything in my life, but today I'm just not feeling it.

I have the Monday blues. 

So I'm going to whine a little bit.

Monday means that I have to go back to the fertility doctor. I have to get my blood drawn, which I hate. And it's becoming a regular occurrence. I am not looking forward to it. In fact, I'm dreading it. It's bad enough I have to give myself a shot every night. Then to have to go to the doctors several times a week to get my blood drawn, get an ultrasound of my ovaries, and then get told that my levels are "off" just makes me depressed.

There I said it.

It makes me depressed.

Whine, whine, whine.

Monday also means another long week of work for my husband. His job requires a lot of hours and he doesn't get home until seven or eight o'clock (his work day starts at 7 am). I miss him. Being in charge of taking the kids to the babysitters and picking them up from the babysitters and getting dinner and making sure they get their showers kinda makes a woman feel like a single mother even though she's not. But, what's worse is that my hubby is so exhausted when he gets home and he still helps clean up dinner, set up the coffee pots for the next day, and packs his lunch. It makes me feel like a failure as a wife. I should be doing all of that stuff for him.

Instead, I blog. For me.

Then I put myself on a guilt trip.

It's hard to take care of a family and work full time, I rationalize. But really, I should just be a better wife and do more to ease his stress. That's what it's all about, right? Taking care of each other.

Monday also means that the things I did not accomplish this weekend will not get done for at least a week. Yes, we did all the necessary chores to maintain for a week - laundry, grocery shopping, tidying up. But, the vacuuming, bathrooms, dusting, and mopping will all have to wait. I didn't get enough done around the house and I didn't relax as much as I would have liked to either.

Whine, whine, whine. Waa, waa, waa.

Time to suck it up and get on with life. 

Because it's Monday. 



Cate said...

First of all - I about spit out my pomegranate green tea when I saw that picture up there! LOL
Poor baby - but wow it does sure represent Monday. :)
I think the whining and ranting to our friends in the blogosphere is what keeps us sane. I know you have always been a big support for me - so I am more than happy to listen anytime to your whining.
Even on a non-Monday day.

Jessi said...

Oh, mama, it'll be okay. Just think of the stabby stabby of the fertility work as just one more thing you can hang over that baby's head when you need a solid guilt trip for him to stay home on family night when he's a teenager.

And as for feeling guilty about your hubz helping out, marriage is a partnership. Unless one of you signed ownership papers at your wedding, it's gonna be a give and take.

He's helping out and doing those things, because he loves you and supports your dream, because it's his dream too. You got yourself a good man, mama.

And you're a good woman, wife and mother. We're not meant to do it all. That's the beauty part of marriage.

He probably feels guilty about working such long days.

Chuck the guilt and just remember to tell one another how much you love each other everyday, and know that when that baby comes and you're working from home, it's all been worth the temporary struggle.

Hugs for your case of the Mondays!

Anonymous said...

Poor thing! My husband works the same hours most days. Seems like anybody who still has a job also has twice as much of it to do, lately. Hang in there! I've always loved Mondays, since the week hasn't caught up to me yet. It's Tuesday that makes me crazy. LOL.

Hope the pressure eases up soon!

Mama B said...

We all have whiny days- (I'll bet those hormones don't help!). The great thing about you is you snap out of it! So snap chick, and make yourself a great Monday! :-)

Laura Jane said...

It's okay to feel this way once in a while, girlie. Every mom feels the pressure of being the "perfect wife" or the "perfect mom" but it doesn't exist.

Your husband is an outstanding man for working such long days and then helping out at home. Instead of feeling like a failure, or not good enough, because of it- feel thankful. Tell him how much it means to you every day and eventually that positive emotion you attach with his helpfullness will rub off on yourself. =)

You are doing SUCH a great job, Lindsay, and just know that all your family needs is for you to love them and tell them often.

A prayer is lifted for you today. ((hugs))

Lindsay Williams said...

You ladies are the best! Thanks for all the kind words! Sure to help with my Monday Blues! I'm feeling better already! =)

TheSyddieGrl said...

If there is ANY day of the week that you should be allowed to whine on the internet, it's a Monday (the other days are perfectly acceptable as well, but Mondays are special). Therefore, you have a open pass to whine as much as you darn well please, and you've got a crowd at your back to support you and tell you it's just fine to do so!

*hugs* Remember, whining is healthy, it's getting all the "ick" out so you can focus on the "YAY!" for the rest of the day/week.

Pete from Doodlekins™ and DuckyGram™ said...

Lindsay, it's Megan from Doodlekins on Twitter! You're an amazing gal, and I'm so glad we met. Thank you for keeping me company there, and for writing such great posts here that helps all mommies.

Sharing your heart and your world with everyone takes a lot of courage! I look forward to doing something with you and Doodlekins soon. This is becoming a great blog with substance!

Lots of hugs!
Your tweep, Megan :)

21st Century Mummy said...

Ha Ha! I HATE Mondays and spend most of the day whining too :)

Tammy P. said...

Well, you already read MY post about Mondays. Need I say more?? lol

Hang in there, lady. This too shall pass. ((hugs))

Busy Working Mama said...

I feel the same way about Mondays. I need another day with my family! Sorry about the blood draws...hopefully everything will fall into place soon.

Lindsay Williams said...

Thanks for all the great comments and support! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who gets the Monday Blues! =)

The Wilson's said...

Man, I can so relate to this post! Only my blues usually start on Sunday. Especially when my insomnia is kicking my butt and all I can do is get up and work for the weekend!

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