Friday, July 30, 2010

Guest Blogging is Like a First Date: by @MamaOnDaGo

Today's post is by @MamaOnDaGo. She is yet another connection I have made through Twitter! I don't know her first name because she is cautious about putting that kind of information out there on the internet. I think that is pretty smart. You can find her work at MamaOnDaGo.

Guest Blogging is Like a First Date

For me, I think guest blogging can be compared to a first date. First things first, you have to meet the right person or right people (totally acceptable in this scenario). Once that occurs, they invite you over and you accept. The days and nights leading to the date/post you think about various topics to discuss. Should you be funny? Can you be funny? Are you even funny? Should I be more serious? Is that too boring?  There's this feeling of pressure and anxiety that kind of builds. This feeling is true in my case. For some dating/blogging comes more naturally.
Seriously, who wants to totally blow it on their first date? More so, who wants to suck as a guest blogger?

I'm new to this blogging world. The only high tech things I know how to do on the computer is Google things, check my email, and shop. I can push that cart button and enter my credit card number at the speed of light.  My husband and I would poke fun at people who spent their days and nights on the Internet "meeting" people and having "discussions" with people. 

Gees, get a life? Go out there and meet some REAL people? 

Just recently, my husband told me, "You've entered the world". 
I thought to myself, "I've entered the world." 

It occurred to me some of the topics I would discuss with my husband are about people I've met on the Internet. As if these people were people I've actually met and had discussions with. He would see me smirking or even laughing out loud at some of the posts or comments. 

In the past few months, I've managed to meet a group of interesting individuals who have inspired me, pulled at my heartstrings, made me almost pee in my pants laugh, and related to me.  At first, it was difficult to meet people that did any of these things. I was lost. I kept posting and Google-ing various things to help lead me to the right people. I knew absolutely no one that blogged.

This thought crossed my mind, "Is this a total waste of time? Is anyone other than my family and friends reading anything I post?"

At the very least, blogging became therapeutic. It allowed me to organize my thoughts instead of keeping them inside. It allowed me to make a virtual memory book because I have yet to keep up with my kids own Memory Book.  For heavens sake, I should have just bought a diary. Dear Diary....

One day I discovered ThetaMom. Her motto is "Redefining the Role of Motherhood....One Mom at a Time." I thought, "OMG, this is what I've been looking for". From her, she led me to blogdangerously and wineparty. It just snowballed from there.

That's how NewBreedMama and I met you know. At the wineparty. That's where all the chemistry happened. *lights dim, music starts*

It occurred to me, "I am meeting REAL people!" 

I'm MamaOnDaGo. I have a lot of baggage (2 kids, a husband, and I work a lot of hours). I enjoy people who don't take themselves too seriously and enjoy a good glass or bottle of pinot noir. Let's cut to the chase because I'm tired, I'm not getting any younger, and life is too short. I'm glad to meet you.


Anonymous said...

Hey MamaOnDaGo - I met you guys at wineparty also and have only been blogging for just over 3 weeks so have just entered 'the world' also. And what a nice world it is. I now love blogging and reading and commenting on blogs - why didn't I do this earlier. Any way, I hope you'll read and comment on my first ever guest post tomorrow - on this page :). And see you at wineparty tonight.

New Breed Mama said...

Thanks for the guest post! You're welcome at A New Breed of Mom anytime!

Manette Gonzales said...

Nice job there MamaOnDaGo. Your life is changing (mom and kids) and you are finding friends that don't have to be local that reflect that change. A weird first date, for all to see :P

Anonymous said...

MamaOnDaGo, what an awesome post! I love your wit and humor. I'm a mom that loves wine too! We should hook up for a drink some time when we just need a little escape from hubby and kid(s). If you're wondering who this is, here are a few hints. Our husbands grew up in the same neighborhood, and you went to college with my cousin. =)

Anonymous said...

hey mamaondago i enjoyed your post here and your blogsite... i'm a stay at home mom with a 2 year old and another baby on the way so i spend alot of time on the internet looking for things to read... but i must admit i hesitate to start a blog my self... thanks for the constant entertainment!!! if your wondering who THIS is, i introduced you to mr. mamondago...

Sluiter Nation said...

Yes, yes...welcome to "the world."

Sandra said...

Enjoyed the guest post! I love Mama on Da Go! I'm so glad you two met and now you are on your way to a long bloggy friendship! And yes, I agree, it is very real!

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