Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bug Juice: by Becky @ Our Peaceful Home

Meet today's guest blogger, Becky. You can find her on Twitter @BeckyWebb . Becky's blog, Our Peaceful Home, is one of my new favorites. Becky has a toddler and an infant so her family life is never boring. Actually, life at Becky's house is rather comical, and there is always enough juice to go around. Enjoy!

Bug Juice

My husband and I happen to think our bug is the funniest little man in the world.  He's 22 months with bright sparkling blue eyes and cheeks that scream "Squeeze me please!"  The truth is that he knows he cute.  I know, I know, I'm a little biased.  Ok, I'm terribly, horribly biased.  But really, what mom isn't?  This little man spends much of his days looking at his reflection in the oven and laughing at himself like he's the funniest kid in the entire world.  He spends even more time standing on his head with the same silly laugh over and over.  He really does keep us cracking up 95% of the time, the other 5% of the time are the crabby days.  Sure, he has his crabby days, but don't we all?  It's true that he is the light of our life and we are thankful for our little man everyday.

Tonight, my husband and I were both getting ready to relax over dinner with a cold adult beverage.  To be honest, this cold adult beverage looks a little like juice to a 22 month old and my 22 month old is obsessed with juice.  Even though the "juice" we usually give him is in a cup, where he can't see the color, and it conveniently almost always water.   Not there is anything wrong with giving your kid some juice, but I'm honestly kind of this want to be health nut.  So the majority of the time bug only has water in his cup.  Bug calls everything juice, even his water.  

As I was pouring my "juice" into a frosty cold mug bug started pointing and whining.  "Juice, juice", which really means he wants some.  I looked at my bug and said, "no honey this is mommy's."  After that he looked at me with the sweetest little face and started saying his "peease, peease, peeeeeeease" (or please to those of us who have been speakers for a long time). (Peease, really is one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard.)  Finally I said, "baby, this is adult juice."

Bug is just starting to pick up almost everything we say.  I've never head him say the word adult before, but I wouldn't be surprised if I did hear it.  The other day my husband said "shoot" and after that we kept hearing "shoot", "shoot", "shoot" but it actually sounded like, shoot with the i sound instead of the o sound in the middle of the word.  So you can imagine what we kept thinking we heard.  Finally, I started hearing.  "Adult juice"  "adult juice"  "adult juice" and all through dinner "adult juice".   We couldn't top laughing.  There really is never a dull moment being a mommy.  


Dokemion said...

That's cute kid. How old is he? He has some similarity with my nephew.

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Calie @BroccoliCupcake said...

Love this story. Our boys call our wine "mommy juice". Love getting to know fellow, self-proclaimed health nuts. Heading over to check out your blog.

MamaOnDaGo said...

They grow up so fast! There will be so many more cute moments. They will continually surprise you. I love it.

Maija's Mommy Moments said...

That could have been my son! In fact I call him "Bugaboo" and sometimes "Bug" for short. Sometimes if I make a mistake and I call one of his sisters "Bug" or "Bugaboo" he'll say "No Mommy! I Bugaboo!"

Great Post. Thanks for today's laugh.

Weasy said...

Oh I kind of miss my kids cute words for things - they are 10 and 12 now and it's all gone. Your post has brought it all back though - thanks!

Becky @ Our Peaceful Home said...

Thanks for letting me post! Always enjoy telling stories about my little man!

New Breed Mama said...


Thanks for sharing this cute little story with us! You are welcome at A New Breed of Mom anytime!

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