Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Crazy Morning

Today is not my day! It's only noon and this morning has been a string of mishaps! Let's see... I had to drive to the other side of town to a blood test before work, got to work only to realize that I forgot that I had a training scheduled in a different building today, and then I got hit by some asshole in the effing parking garage just to have him try to say it was my fault!!

Let's start from the beginning...

This morning I got up extra early to drive to the other side of town to go to my doctor's office for a blood draw. We've been doing fertility shots this month and they have to monitor my hormone levels. This blood draw today was especially important because the levels will let the doctors know if the shots worked to help me achieve ovulation. I won't get the results until tomorrow, and I am praying they are good results. Bad results would me that I didn't ovulate and there's NO chance of my being pregnant. Good results mean I have to wait at least 10 days to take a pregnancy test. 

Although I arrived at the lab five minutes early there were still FIVE people ahead of me! Geesh! Next time I will have to be 15 minutes early! So I sat there and waited my turn. The plan was to get the blood draw over with and still make it to work by 8:30. Even though I had to wait a little while, I was still ahead of schedule and could get to work by 8:15! So I'm driving to work and I call call hubs, who was taking Riley to the babysitter. We start talking and I totally miss my exit! Ugh. It was 8:30 when I finally got to my office.

As I was walking in I passed a co-worker leaving the office. I asked her where she was going and she told me she had training at 9 o'clock in a different building. Shit! That reminded me I was also scheduled for the same training. How in the world did I manage to forget that?! I decided that I was lucky because if I wouldn't have missed my exit then I would have just when to my cubicle and went on about my business and I would have missed my training.

I turned around and headed out to the parking garage. (Cue the horror film music) As I got to my car I saw I missed a call from my sister so I call her back and start winding down the floors. It's a lot of winding down because I park on the roof of the garage - it's less expensive that way. As I got to about the 4th floor I was turning left to wind down to the 3rd floor. As I was straightening out my car to prepare for a left turn, I saw this other car was turning wide so I hit my brakes - I was only going 10 MPH to begin with - and stopped my car so the other vehicle could stop and adjust to avoiding hitting me. Then, I watch awestruck as the car drives right into my drivers side door!  

Now, I was in a hurry to get to this 9 am training. We pull off to a couple of empty parking spots and I get out to access the damage. There was damage, but my car was drivable. I tell the guy, "Let's just exchange information since it was obviously your fault and move on with it." Then, the asshole, as I will call him from here on out, looks at me and says in a gruff voice, "Well, that's debatable. You were talking on your cell phone."

OMG! Are you kidding me?! Seriously, I sat there, my vehicle stopped, and watch you drive right into me, and you have the audacity to say it was my fault?! Seriously?! I was pissed.

Fine. You wanna play that way? Fine. So I say, "Fine then, if you want to be that way about it we can waste both of our time and call the police to file an accident report." Well, apparently the city PD will not come to you to create an accident report if it was on private property. We would have to print a report from their website and take it to the department. Fine. At this point I was shaken. Crying. How dare that asshole say it was my fault?! 

Then I realized I didn't have a pen. Now I have to ask him to borrow a pen to write my information down. Eff me. (Ma, if you're reading this, sorry for the language). I call my husband, desperately needing his calm cool collected take on this situation. Voice mail. Effers! I get out and the asshole hand me a tiny piece of paper - presumably with his information. Sobbing like and idiot, I ask him to borrow his pen. Then I look at the paper he handed me. It ONLY had his phone number and insurance company name on it. No policy number. No address. Oh, and we have the same insurance company. Nice. That means they'll probably make us both pay for our own damage.

So I tell the guy asshole that I want his policy number. Then I write down his license plate number, as the make and model of his car, write that down, and then I called my insurance agent. In the mean time, I am holding both pieces of paper and his pen hostage. My insurance company said to get his home address too. And to take pictures. So I did both. As I hang up from the insurance agent the asshole tells me he is calling his agent too and will give me his policy number. Well la-di-da-da. Good for you. Asshole.

Then hubs calls and I start crying as I rehash the whole dramatic story. Why am I crying over something so stupid? Talking to John calmed me down, just like I knew it would. I was fine. Until I had to face the jerk to give him back his pen. Then I started crying again. Very embarrassing.

At this point I was late for the training, and if you're more than 15 mintues late you don't get the CEU's so it's not worth even going. But I did not have it in me to go back to work so I called my boss (my voice only crackled a little) and told him I was in an accident and asked for the day off. He said that was fine so I headed home.  

Just talked to claims adjuster and found out that the jerk asshole didn't give me a valid policy number. It was missing a digit. Hopefully it was an honest mistake... yeah, right.

This morning has gotten off to a crappy start, to say the least. But, been the positive person that I am - here is what is good about this situation. I wasn't hurt. I have the day off now. I get to spend Riley's last day of summer vacation with him. The police station is close to my place of employment so I can easily walk over there tomorrow to file the accident report. It gave me something to blog about. I can take a nap this afternoon. And tomorrow's another day!


Liam's Mr. Mom said...
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Liam's Mr. Mom said...

Love it! I mean the positiv part of it! It can only get better! Enjoy the rest of your day and don't let the asshole ruin your whole day! Great positiv thinking! Way to go! :-)

Mrs. Mix-it said...

Something must be going on in the air my day started off crazy too! I hope your okay its just a car and as long as are healthy that's all that matters.

Aly said...

Oh no! Sorry about the accident. I hope the rest of your day is a lot better!

Carly said...

Oh man, I hate days like that. Here are my thoughts:
1.The crying could be a sign that your pregnant....yea! ;)
2.As an ex-adjuster, you did the right thing by getting pictures of the accident. Hopefully before you moved the cars. Make sure to give those to the adjuster.
3.Your totally right, that guys sounds like a total asshole!
Anywho, enjoy the rest of your day off!

Lindsay Williams said...

Thanks everyone! Carly, I sure hope hope that's what it was - its either that or I'm all hyped up on these hormones!

IASoupMama said...

Wow! What a day...

The other driver sounds like a huge jerk.

I hope you ovulated!

Momma Wilson said...

what an ass!

I'm in total agreement with Carly on the crying theory! tomorrow is a new day, with room for lots of positives;)

Steph S. said...

You certainly deserve a relaxing weekend! New follower from twitter :). I hate waiting on getting labwork done - I get my cholesterol checked often, and I always have to fast prior to- so I'm starving when I get to the drs office, then they're behind schedule... Not good!

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