Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random Ramblings of a Tired Mommy

Today is day two of my writer's block. I've been sitting at my computer for an hour. I've checked my email. I've checked Twitter. I've read some blog posts. I've checked Facebook. Checked Twitter again. Checked email again. Still no inspiration to write. And I'm tired. And it's almost 10:30 p.m. (But you'll be reading this in the morning because I am going to use my nifty auto-post feature again.)

I'm ready to crawl into bed.

It's been a long day.

A normal Monday.

I woke up. I took my shower. I got dressed. I woke Khegan up. (We only have Khegan this week. Riley is visiting the grandparents.) I walked downstairs and poured my coffee. I packed my lunch. I gave Maxie a treat and put her in her cage. 

This is Maxie.

Funny story about Maxie... We've had her a little over a year. She still poops in the house. And when she is mad at us, then she pees in the house too. We can't seem to get her trained to do her business outside all the time. She knows better. I think she does it to mess with me. And when she is pissed off. John says it's obvious she is a female dog.

If I didn't know better I would say she was just a dumb dog.

She is not dumb.

She is crafty.

The one thing Maxie understands is how to get a treat. Every morning she gets a treat when we put her in her cage. We started this routine because she didn't like going in her cage. Now, every morning she is ready and waiting for that treat.

It's a free treat.

The only treat she gets that is not a reward for doing her business outside.

This is how it goes. Every. Single. Morning. I walk downstairs. She jumps up on me and barks. I lean down and pet her. She runs to the doorway of the kitchen. Then, while I'm pouring my coffee, packing my lunch, and taking care of whatever needs taking care of in the kitchen; she watches me. She stands in the doorway and watches. If I make a move toward the drawer where her treats are kept, she runs full speed into her cage and waits. For her treat.


That she's that smart.

And she still shits in the house.

Hmph. That made for a good little story. Writers block is resolved. But if you're still curious how the rest of my day went - it was pretty boring.


Then Khegan and I went bargain hunting for some beach toys. (Vacation next week!) We found some at Big Lots. Buckets and shovels. Frisbee. Paddle ball. Those curved, sling-shoty things you toss a ball and play catch with - I don't know what the official name is. Anyways. Beach toys. We bought beach toys.

I took Khegan to dinner. Just the two of us. He picked Burger King. Bleck.

At home I put away dishes. Reloaded the dishwasher. Went through the mail. Wrote out some bills. Had the "hi honey, how was your day?" conversation with the hubs. Sent the kiddo upstairs to shower and get ready for bed. Tucked him in.

And now here I sit blogging about it all...


MOLLYC said...

Thanks for adding my button! I love the dog on the sofa! Your day sounds like mine, but somehow I always manage to evade writer's block and find SOMETHING to write about. Perhaps it is my age, and the fact that there is SO MUCH stuff stored away in my ancient memory bank! love to you, molly

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing. It's nice to see other women having those normal, regular days.

Overthinking Mama said...

Im glad my dog isnt the only one that refuses to get housebroken!!
i have a chihuahua and they are just.. ugh... lol. (she's the 4th one ive owned and they have all been the same) She will go outside.. but if she's gotta go in.. she will..
its getting a lil better now cuz we just got a new puppy (already double the chi's size if not triple) and ive trained him to ring a bell on the back door to let us know when he wants out... (tho he rings it constantly- i think he just like seeing us jump up and run to the door) but he still has accidents here and there... but i guess its a stare... (i think you gave me an idea for a blog post today) lol.

New Breed Mama said...

Molly - You are very welcome! I usually end up finding something to write about too... It just takes awhile sometimes :) Excited for your guest post next week!

Michelle - Glad to put it in perspective for you!

Sarah - OMG I think it is a chihuahua thing! Maxie is a Chibeagle - half chihuahua, half beagle! She is just temperamental and thinks she rules the roost! Because of the Beagle in her she wants to be an guard dog, so she will bark like crazy when someone is around she doesn't know, then as soon as they set toward her she freaks out and runs away! LOL

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

...and that's what blogging is all about!

Thanks for sharing!

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