Friday, July 23, 2010

ProBlogger Challenge Day #1: My Elevator Pitch

Since I don't have enough going on in my life between the kids, the hubs, working, blogging, dreaming about becoming a life coach, and working on my book proposal; I thought, what the heck, let's take the ProBlogger Challenge. What's one more thing on my to do list, right? It's not like I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow or anything...

(BTW I am leaving for vacation tomorrow, and I have a super-terrific guest blogging line-up all set up for y'all!)

What is the ProBlogger Challenge?
ProBlogger, Darren Rowse, wrote this really awesome E-Book called 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. Then he teamed up with SITS Girls Blogging Community, to bring the ProBlogger Summer Challenge to all of the mommy bloggin' world.

If you are interested in joining the challenge, the links above should be a good start for you, but feel free to post a comment or email me if you want more information.

How did the New Breed Mama got roped into this challenge?
I am so glad you asked! You can blame two of my favorite mommy blogging colleagues, Cate from Real Life With Kids, and Jessi from Mama's Got Flair. And since I relate everything in my life back to Twitter, you can find Cate @reallifewithkids and you can find Jessi @JessAriasCooper.

You can blame Cate because I just love this chick and I want to do everything she does. And she likes Cheetos. Cheetos are yummy! (You can read about her love of Cheetos on her blog. Hint, hint).

You can blame Jessi because she wrote this sweet-ass "elevator pitch" and I was all like, "Man, I WANT one of those!!" But, that wasn't enough... Then, she emailed me and gave me all the information I needed to get signed up! The nerve! Why does this Flairicious Mama have to be such a nice person too?

 The Challenge Day #1
The first day's challenge is all about writing an "elevator pitch" for your blog. An elevator pitch is a 100-150 word overview of my blog and what it is all about. Also, Darren's book talks about a "tag line", or a short, sharp, and descriptive, one-liner, that tells people what you're all about.

So here it goes...

Luckily, I already have a pretty good idea of what my blog is all about, because I wrote it all out when I started this blog. The long story is posted on my blog's home page. Also, my 'about the author' page has a little more information about my intentions for the blog. As far as a tag line goes, I created one a month or so back when I decided I needed business cards. Tag lines are great to put on your business cards. (BTW VistaPrint offers great deals on business cards and other self-promoting merchandise.)

My Tag Line:
A New Breed of Mom: Motherhood for the New Millennium

My Short Elevator Pitch:
A New Breed of Mom is a collection of articles, anecdotes, and advise for modern day moms.

My Long Elevator Pitch:
Moms today are different than ever before in history. We want to do it all! There are a variety of other roles we play in life besides being a mom. So how do we juggle it all? How can we be everything to everyone and still find time for ourselves? A New Breed of Mom is a collection of articles, anecdotes, and advise designed to provide guidance and inspiration to you, and other New Breed Mamas, as we traverse this long and winding road we call motherhood.

Feedback Wanted:
A very important aspect of the ProBlogger Challenge is getting feedback and constructive criticism that will help me to improve my blog. Do you like my tag line and elevator pitch? Is there anything you feel you get from my blog that is not mentioned here? Are there any topics that you would like to see me weave into my blog that are not already covered? Thanks for taking the time to read and provide feedback!


Jessi said...

I love it, so I'll gladly share the blame with the Catinator. :)

You're totally right about us wanting to do everything. I think a bajillion moms can relate to that.

2 thumbs up and a Jessi dance for the Lindsay!

GeekGirlWife said...

Actually love it. Very clear and concise. You go, girl! New Breed of Mom. Love it.

Michelle said...

I think the tag line is great and your elevator pitch clearly states what the reader can expect from your blog. Best of luck with the challenge!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. One change you may want to make, though, is use "advice" rather than "advise". Advise is a verb. Advice is a noun. Advice is what your blog offers. Picky, I know, but it's the writer in me. :P Looking forward to reading more.

New Breed Mama said...

Thanks for all the positive feedback!

virginaripple - Thanks so much for pointing that out! It was a typo - supposed to be advice! I didn't catch it! :)

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