Saturday, July 24, 2010

Preparing for Family Vacation - Old School Style!

Tomorrow we are heading up to Lake Michigan for our family vacation. My mom & stepdad rented a big cabin in South Haven and asked us to join them for the week, along with my stepsisters and their families. When mom asked if we wanted to go we eagerly agreed. The plans were made. Set in stone.

This week we found out there would be no internet. No cable. There is however an old T.V. and a bunch of videos. Videos. Trying explaining to two 7 year old boys what a video tape is and how it works. You feel ancient. Believe me.

Hubs was less than thrilled about the no cable thing. "Will there be electricity?" he said. Hardy-har-har. I married a comedian. A sarcastic comedian. But, he did perk up a little when my stepdad told him he would be bringing him a couple Cuban cigars. That should keep him occupied for a few hours, at least. 

Can I tell you a secret? I am kinda excited about the no internet and no cable thing.

This vacation is going to be OLD SCHOOL STYLE!!

So, how do you prepare for a vacation Old School Style? Here is what I have packed, besides clothes, toiletries, yada, yada, yada..

Beach toys
Paddle ball
Squirt Guns
Grown-up floaty-rafts

Car Toys
Coloring Book
DS & Games

We'll be in the car. With two 7 years olds. Six hours. Come on! You gotta give me a little leeway here on the video games. Ok?  Thanks. Now keep reading.

Board Games

Books - 4 of them, all for me.

A Deck of Cards

Writing Materials

Totally going Old School.

Margarita Mix
Bottle of Rum

Mama has got to keep her sanity somehow. Remember? NO INTERNET! 

This week of family togetherness will include walking on the beach, playing board games, talking - to each other, swimming, reading, suntanning, and building sand castles. This week my family will be unplugged.

God, I hope my phone gets reception! 

Family Vacation. Old School Style. Wish me luck.


Cate said...

Woot! Have fun, Lindsay! You will be missed! Awesome list, btw.

Anonymous said...

Have an absolutely marvellous time Lindsay! And you have prompted me to actually do the 31 day challenge and look at Cate and Jessie's blog.... So much to do in this blogging thing - who knew!

Brielle Franklin said...

Sounds like some good ideas! We are planning on visiting a few Williamsburg resorts this summer. I'll have to remember to come back to you blog when we are packing. Thanks so much for these great ideas.

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