Saturday, June 5, 2010

Connecting with Local Mommy Bloggers

This morning, I had the opportunity to attend the Columbus Metropolitan Library Summer Reading Club kick-off event. The library welcomed local Columbus Mommy Bloggers for a special talk given by the library’s director. It was a great experience, and my first time every connecting face-to-face with other mommy bloggers!

We were all able to exchange blog information, websites, twitter urls, and contact information. I was the newest mommy blogger out of all of the attendees, although some of the other moms had been blogging for years! I also learned that there are other local events for mommy bloggers which I may be interested in.

The mommy bloggers I met:

@EverythingMoms and

@amyturnsharp or @littlealouette and

@cbusmom and

@mommystory and

@wyliemac and

@thiswomanswork and

Sometimes, being the New Breed Mamas that we are, we don’t always have the chance to meet and talk to our internet and twitter friends face to face. However, I encourage anyone who has the opportunity, to venture out and meet other local mommy bloggers face to face. Building local connections is a great way to build up readership and to stay ‘in-the-know’ about what’s going on for mothers in your neck of the woods!


New Breed Mama said...

It was great meeting all these ladies!

Ricardo Bueno said...

It's always great to get out and connect with other local like-minded bloggers at events!

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