Sunday, June 6, 2010

Children’s Music Review: Beautiful Creatures – Children’s songs of Africa by Ed Jordan and Alan Glass

Beautiful Creatures is an awesome collection of upbeat, African, dance music for children. This CD also includes several slower songs, and even a lullaby, sure to lull you child to sweet dreams. Plus, the best part is that the music is all about animals! And if you’re a New Breed Mama, you certainly know how much children enjoy anything that has to do with animals!

As the title track explains, the songs are about all of the Beautiful Creatures that live in the African Plains. Young children, especially preschoolers, will love dancing around to these catchy, toe-tapping, tunes. Even my two seven year olds, couldn’t resist shaking their little booties when they heard these fun African songs!

Beautiful Creatures was formed in South Africa in November 2004 by Alan Glass, Ed Jordan and Paul Choritz who felt there was a need for ‘Parent Friendly’ children’s music. They take pride in their Beautiful Creatures albums for being uniquely South African with a positive global message.

There are seven different Beautiful Creatures albums, all which can be found at iTunes. Beautiful Creatures, More Beautiful Creatures, and Even More Beautiful Creatures feature fun, educational songs about African animals.

Beautiful Me, is an album that focuses on emotional development for children. It touches on issues such as sibling rivalry, anger management, self-confidence, and diversity.

Beautiful Bedtime, is a collection of songs that take your children through the routine of getting ready for bed. It is perfect for winding down, bath time, brushing their teeth, and putting their PJ’s on. Another great bedtime album is Beautiful Lullabies, which features ten slower tempo tunes to ease babies to sleep.

Finally, Beautiful Creatures of the Sea, contains many fun sea creature songs that discuss the topic of conservation.

The wonderful people at Beautiful Creatures, have made it possible for me to give away a Beautiful Creatures CD to three lucky winners! The winners will be provided with a link to download their free copy of the full CD in MP3 format!

Here are the rules for my first-ever Promotional Giveaway:

To enter, leave a comment on this blog post and tell me 1) Why you are a New Breed Mama, and 2) Why your child(ren) would love to dance and sing along to the fun African songs from Beautiful Creatures

One entry per person is permitted.

The promotion will run through Friday June 11, 2010.

For each entry, the name will be put in a hat, and three names will be drawn at random.

You must provide your email address in order for me to notify you if you have won. Non-winners will not be contacted. You can either include your email address in your post, or email me at with the subject Beautiful Creatures Promotion, and let me know who you are and that you posted your comment for entry.

The email addresses of the winners will be provided to Beautiful Creatures so that they can directly email the link for the winners to download their free copy of the full Beautiful Creatures CD in MP3 format.


anne said...

I try to expose my son to as much music as possible - thanks so much for the tip! My son is just about to turn 1 and has just started 'dancing' to any and all music. His current favorite is Old MacDonald Had a Farm, so it's defiantely time for some new tunes! I bet he'd love this!

I'm a single working mom - definately falling into the new breed category.

Have you ever heard of a children's musician by the name of Justin Roberts? I really love his stuff.


Jessi Arias-Cooper said...

I'm a New Breed of Mom because, in the quest to find myself I realized that I have a lot of people that love me for who I am. I'm not a perfect, woman, wife, or mom, but I'm totally me, and I'm sharing it, loud and proud.

My kids would totally dig singing and dancing along with the Beautiful Creatures CD. I love teaching them about different cultures, and they love to learn about them. I want my kids to be well-rounded and enjoy ALL of the good stuff life has to offer.

New Breed Mama said...

Thanks for entering ladies! So far, I think you have it in the bag! Maybe some other folks will give you a little competition? :)

Libby said...

I'm a new breed mom because I try to keep a good balance between giving my all to my daughter but also to my significant other, family, friends, and myself.

My daughter loves music and dancing!

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