Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Suburban Mom

I love my life.

Every single day, I am thankful for all the blessings in my life. I am thankful for my wonderful, supportive husband who loves us all so much. I am thankful for my two handsome boys. I am thankful for our beautiful home. I am thankful for our dog, Maxie, although it can be a love-hate relationship at times. (Maxie still has many, many accidents!) I am thankful for my own wonderful mom. I am thankful for the bond I have with my sisters. I am thankful for my in-laws, who live nearby and are always ready to help out. There is so much to be thankful for.

Today, I slept in until ten-thirty! It was lovely. I woke up and walked downstairs to be greeted by two smiling boys who were eager to go to the swimming pool for the day. My husband had the coffee brewing just as he does for me every morning. (Making me coffee every morning is John’s own little way of reminding me how much he loves me.) After the coffee was ready, we enjoyed a leisurely morning of sipping our coffee and cuddling on the couch, while watching the boys playing with Maxie on the floor.

In the afternoon, we went down to our community pool. My best girlfriend and her baby joined us for a little while. It was fun to watch the boys splashing around in the water. They are big enough now that they can be trusted in the water so you don’t have to watch them every single second. That is nice because I was able to do some reading while relaxing poolside.

After we returned from the pool we had dinner and then all three of my exhausted boys took a nap. Then this mama made a trip to Walmart. I’ll let you in on a secret - Walmart is very important to suburban moms, or at least this one. It’s a one stop shop! I picked up a few groceries, my son’s allergy medication, and some play clothes for the boys all in the same, inexpensive store.

Ok, I ventured off there – this post is starting to sound like a Walmart add!

My point is that life can be crazy for suburban moms. This suburban mom juggles work, playing taxi to her kids, grocery shopping, volunteering for school functions, cooking, cleaning, and the list goes on and on. It’s hard, but I love it.

I love it because there are days like today - days spent relaxing with the family I live and breathe for. What a beautiful life.


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