Friday, September 3, 2010

Men and Football

What's with men and football?

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching the occasionally football game and I follow The Ohio State Buckeyes 1) Because that's how I was raised, 2) Because that's my alma mater, and 3) Because they rock!   

Go Bucks!  

 Still, men get obsessive about their football.

And to be fair I suppose some women do too. 

Why is football so appealing?

Is it because they like to watch grown men tackle each other? Is it because they like the violence of the game? Is it because they like the competition? Seriously, I'd like to know.

How is it that football gets grown men yelling and cussing and throwing the remote and dancing around the living room like and idiot? 

In my house there are "rules" when it comes to football. #1. NO talking while the game is on. #2. The TV will be LOUD - deal with it. #3. Kids, plug your ears because I can't be held accountable for what I might say!

However, I do get quite the kick out of watching my husband either curse or praise the players as they run around in tights slapping each others asses. (Only in football can men get away with slapping each other on the ass and it be a masculine thing.)

My husband has thrown remotes. He has slammed doors. He has yelled so loud the house shakes. Once we had a huge argument because his mood (and the mood of the whole entire house) changed after a bad loss.

Oh, and apparently football takes precedence over kids birthday parties in our house.

On Saturday September 11th we are having Khegan's birthday party. We are a stepfamily and Khegan goes back and forth between our house and his mothers. We do NOT have him that weekend, but it's the weekend before his birthday so I went to great lengths to negotiate with his mother to have him from 4-7 pm on that Saturday for his party.

But, God forbid - that is the day of the OSU vs. Miami game!!!!!

Hubs comes home and says, "Oh, by the way, I invited a few friends over for the Miami game. It's the day of Khegan's party so we need to move his party til noon."


"Hell no!" I say. "I just negotiated the whole thing out with your ex-wife. If you want to change it all around then you call her and fix it!"

And he did. 

Now I have two parties to cook for that day.

I blame football.


Lauren Hale said...

Make him cook for the OSU v Miami game. He's the one who invited friends over, right? Then *feeding* them should be HIS responsibility. Just saying.

Lindsay Williams said...

@Lauren - Good idea! I will put him in charge of making a big pot of chilli!!! Then I'll do some other munchy stuff. Can't poison the guests, no can we? Lol

Mama B said...

Oh. My. My husband is bad- but he knows I'd cut his precious DirectTV off if he ever screwed with the girls party ;-) Sometimes I have to remind him (and Mom!) that football is NOT life. (I know- thats blasphemy here in Alabama)
He too thinks the players can hear him. He was a big football player until he hurt his back, then he became an ump. It's SO annoying when he calls every play before they do it- and he's ALWAYS right!! grrr ;-)

Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

Like I said on Twitter - I can relate to this. My husband is currently obsessed with football (and fantasy football - weird I say). It gets even worse when we get to college basketball games. Those take precedence over everything, and he gets severely depressed if Duke loses.

Lindsay Williams said...

@Bonnie - I'm being a good sport about it! I remember last year he told me he wanted to have a Miami party this year. Plus their my friends too that will be over - the wives of the guys! But yes, football is sacred...

@Sarah - Fantasy football too! John does do a fantasy football at his work, but does not get wrapped up in it too much. I know some fantasy leagues meet weekly! Ugh - I would NOT be ok with that!

Overthinking Mama said...

thats hilarious!!!

Jessi said...

Wow! I like football and participate in the crazy yelling and such, but the birthday party thing would SOOO piss me off. Thumbs down to the the hubz this go 'round!

bdogmama said...

I'm from Columbus and part of it is the "tradition" of Ohio State football season. There really is nothing like it, and I live in Atlanta now.

I'm with Lauren on this one - you do the birthday party and let him worry about the game party. Call Donatos and call it a day (oh how I *wish* we had Donatos here!!).

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