Thursday, September 9, 2010

Babies Galore, Babies R Us, and Seeing Pink!

My life revolves around babies and pregnancies! My husband and I just found out we are expecting, after a year of trying to conceive! Also my stepsister is pregnant, my sister is pregnant, and my sister in law is pregnant!

Babies galore, I tell ya!

My stepsister is due in November. This will be her and her husband's first child. She is having a boy and his name will be Owen. Her baby shower is this weekend. Last night I went to Babies R Us to get her a shower gift.

Babies R Us should really display a sign on their front door that reads something like, WARNING: NEWLY PREGNANT WOMEN ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. A warning, such as this, may have deterred me from spending twice as much as I had planned to in the store. May have.

Another warning that might be nice - DO NOT SHOP FOR BLUE WHEN YOU ARE SEEING PINK - My nephew probably won't wear the cute little pink dress I bought. Or the adorable pink pants and glittery top that matches. Or the little brown onesie with ruffled sleeves that says 'sweetheart' and has glittery gold hearts on the front. And he probably won't need the little pick wicker basket I bought. (Although, in my defense, I did by Owen a brown basket and so I got the pink one was half off...) Still. Hmmmm.

Even if John and I have a bouncing baby boy, chances are pretty good that someone in my family will be seeing pink!  As I am standing in the checkout line, at Babies R Us, contemplating the chances of one of us (me, my sister, or my SIL) having a baby girl when the cashier asked, "Do you want to sign up for our rewards card?" Umm, yes. Hello? Who is going to be having FOUR new babies in her family?! Me! So yes. YES. YES!!! Sign me up!

There will be babies galore in this family! 

My sister is due February 11th. Of course, we don't know what she's having yet. (She will find out in less than three weeks though!) Like me, she is seeing pink! However, she has managed to stay out of Babies R Us thus far. How? I don't know. But she does have a Harley shirt and some Red Wings gear tucked away for her baby. 

My sister in law is due on February 28th. This is her 3rd baby in three years. Her fifth child. Chance are pretty good her almost two year old will still be in diapers when baby #3 is born! Three babies in diapers. Wow. She is one tough cookie and I admire her greatly. Her two youngest are boys. And, like me and my sister, she is seeing pink!


Kat said...

In case you decide to get more "pink" stuff - check out my giveaway this week!

Laura Jane said...

Oh my gosh! Congrats congrats, mama! That is so exciting and I'm so so happy for you. =)

I didn't buy one thing for my first baby until I knew if it was boy or girl. Waiting until 21 weeks was one of the hardest things I've ever done, haha!

jtcricket said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Is this child your first? Am so excited for you! :) Be good to yourself today and everyday!

Lindsay Williams said...

@Kat - Will do! =)

@Laura - Thank you! As soon as I found out I was preggers with Riley I ran out and bought a couple of green outfits that could go either way! So I felt compelled to do the same for this one - plus I was already at Babies R Us... Hoping the pink will be ok.. :)

@jtcricket - This baby will be my second child. My son is 8 and I also have a step son who will be 8 Monday!

Michelle B said...

Such an exciting time!!!! How much fun are you all going to have with all the new babies!!

Kimberly said...

What's in the water you're all drinking ;)

LC said...

I seen pink with my last child and then found out nope it was a boy! I have 3 boys

Mary Rose said...

The moment I found out I was pregnant, I just knew it was a boy & I was right! Maybe you are right too! :)

Lindsay Williams said...

@MichelleB - Thanks! It will be an exciting couple of years - that's for sure! =)

@Kimberly - Lol - I'd think that too, but we live in different towns.

@LC - If this one is a boy then I will have 3 boys too! Just want a healthy baby, but pink would be nice!

@MaryRose - Hoping I'm right! Maybe mother's instinct?

Jessi said...

Wow, your family has been mighty re-productive lately. Congratulations on all the new babies that are entering into your family, mama. A whole mess of blessings and dirty diapers! Love it!

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

Hi Lindsay, I'm over from your guest post on Peaceful Home. Congrats on your pregnancy! Isn't it the best? And yeah, those baby stores are dangerous. DANGEROUS. :) My little guy is 7.5 months old now, and though I'm not AS baby crazed now as I was when preggo, I still have to be careful when I go in those places. If it's not making me want more STUFF for Levi (that he probably doesn't need), then it's making me want stuff for baby #2 which doesn't even exist yet. LOL. Have fun though! This is a great season where you don't have to share your little one with anyone. ;)

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