Friday, August 6, 2010

Busy Weekend Planned

This weekend is going to be a rush.

My mom is in town. We are babysitting my 2 nephews (both under 2) ALL day tomorrow. Taking the boys (my boys) to sign up for football tomorrow. Riley is going to state fair with his paternal grandma tomorrow. (I know paternal g'ma sounds weird, but it's the social worker in me.) Also I have to find a medical laboratory open tomorrow to get my blood taken because aunt flow decided to come to town finally (at the worst possible time) and I need to have blood drawn before I can start my fertility shots on Sunday.

And I have cramps. Haven't had cramps in months but apparently this weekend, when I am uber busy, I get cramps. Fabulous. And probably too much information, but it is late when I am writing this and I am tired. So, oh well.

On Sunday... Church. Cake and ice cream for my son's 8th Bday (OMG 8!). Still need to buy him a gift. (Adding that to my Saturday list.) Lots of people at my house. Probably need to clean. Probably won't have time. After the party, my neice is spending the night. Oh, and I start my shots. I'm nervous.

Monday, I am taking the boys and niece to the pool. (For my son's 8th birthday. He's half way to 16, when he can drive, so help me Lord.) After the pool, then I have to drive Riley to my grandparents house, one hour away. Yes, my grandparents - his great grandparents, because they are keeping him for the week. Why? Because my babysitter is on vacation. I suppose she is allowed to have one.

I'm exhausted just writing about it. And there is no picture on this post. Because I am lazy tonight.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, that is busy. I thought packing up after a week at my mom
and dad's was going to be too much.
Have a great bday celebration. And happy shots. Good luck.

Jessi said...

Whoooooooaaa...Slowdown,cowgirl. That fast livin' will age you early! :)

Busy Working Mama said...

Hope you survive the weekend! We've been lazy and relaxing on weekends recently - we try for 1 activity a day at most. It's so stinking HOT out!

Thanks for stopping by - I can't wait to re-do Lily's room into a "big girl" room...of course, what I have in mind (French country style) is probably not what a near-3 year old needs but we'll see if we can compromise. The crib and changing table need to go, though! I'll have to post pics once it is done.

Get some me-time in this weekend, girlie!

New Breed Mama said...

Kristin - Happy packing! We definitely will enjoy the Bday Celebration!

Jessi - You're right! I'm just another mom wanting to do it all!

Aleksandra - A lazy and relaxing weekend sounds lovely! I may have to try that sometime! Lol Have fun shopping for Lily's big girl furniture!

Skywaitress said...

Whenever I am busiest that's when I get the worst cramps. So inconvenient.

I hope you get a break soon, sounds like life is crazy for you.

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