Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dear Insurance Company

Dear Insurance Company,

It has come to my attention that your associates would greatly benefit training about treating people with common courtesy and respect. In addition, it is apparent that your associates have never been trained on how to serve clients who are woman that are trying to conceive (TTC).

The training would cover topics such as:

Woman who are TTC are most likely hyped on on all sorts of crazy hormones. If you are rude and condescending to her she will most likely escalate very quickly. While you may think the client is being irrational, she is most likely fighting off the erge to call you a bitch and slam the phone down in your ear.


Woman who are TTC are most likely sick and tired and irritated with people who are giving them the run around. If you attempt to give her the run around she will likely say, "I don't give a damn what the procedure is! I need my medication to be approved and I need it today. How are we going to accomplish that?"

You better have an answer for this woman who has been patiently waiting over a week for the "pre-authorization" to go through for her medication. And the answer better not be that the process takes 72 hours - especially when the woman on the other end is fully aware that it has been FOUR business days - that 96 hours, 24 hours more than 72 - yes, she can do math too.

Do not tell her "That is just our process." She is most likely educated and has been around the block a few times. She knows enough to know that processes can be expedited and procedures can be overlooked. If you provoke her she will tell you to take your processes and procedures and shove them up your ass!

She will ask speak to your supervisor. Let her. Do not tell her "A supervisor is not going to be able to change the process." Just put the damn supervisor on the phone! If you were doing your damn job then you wouldn't be scared hestiant to put your supervisor on the phone.

Do not underestimate a woman who is TTC and needs her medication approved. She will not rest until it is a done deal. She will get your name. She will call back. She will talk to your supervisor. She will get her damn "pre-authorization" whether you like it or not.

If you are interested in this training please call me at 1-800-Kiss My Ass.


Educated Woman TTC
Will Not Take No for an Answer Inc.


Cate said...

Sooooooo... I am sensing the insurance company was less than helpful... :)
I can so relate. Back a million years ago - when they told me that I had endometriosis so severe that without certain medications and a procedure I would continue to be infertile - one of the worst things about the whole process was working with the insurance company.
I was supposed to take a VERY expensive shot once a month for 3 months. This would put my 27 year old body into a menopausal state and hopefully cause the tissue blocking my tubes to recede.
"That medication is only approved for men being treated for prostate cancer." What?!
I eventually got the medication (gee thanks, hot flashes) and we were able to conceive not just 1 but 3 kiddos.
Keep the faith, lady, and feel free to vent. You can also pop over to my blog and leave a rant if you need a change of scenery. :)
I've got you on my prayer list.

Nancy@thefertilityblogs said...

I love this post and I think there are some readers out there who would really enjoy your posts on infertility.

I am wondering if you would be interested in republishing them in our new community? http://thefertilityblogs.com

If so, please do contact me!
Thanks! Keep up the great writing!

New Breed Mama said...

Hi Nancy! That would be great! I'll email you!

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