Tuesday, April 9, 2013

24 Day Challenge: Days 8 & 9

We are wrapping up the 10 Day Cleanse, which is the first part of the 24 Day Challenge. It is amazing what a change we feel in 10 shorts days. Well, 9 because tomorrow is the 10th day - results day! We feel great, we've lost weight, we've increased our energy, and we have rid our body of a bunch of built up toxins and are ready to move onto the max phase of the cleanse!

Here's are food, energy, exercise, etc. for the last couple of days. 

Lindsay's Day 8

Food: Kashi Cereal. Blueberries. Strawberries. Celery. Carrots. Banana bread (made from almond flour). Nature's Valley Granola bar. Turkey sandwich (on wheat). Spaghetti with meatsauce (lean groundbeef). Salad.

Energy: Excellent

Exercise: Rest Day

John's Day 8

Food: Oatmeal. Handful peanuts (unsalted). Orange. Banana. Strawberries. Chicken noodle casserole (egg noodles). Lowfat yogurt. Carrots. Nature Valley Granola bar. Spaghetti with meat sauce (whole grain past & lean ground beef). Salad.

Exercise: 2.5 miles on elliptical. Weights (shoulders)

Energy: Good

Combining the success and challenge because we are both experiencing the same successes and challenges as we progress through our 24 days.

Success: Improving energy levels.

Challenge: Eating right. Getting enough fruits and vegetables. 

Lindsay's Day 9

Food: Kashi Cereal. Egg muffin (egg,veggies, ground turkey). Pineapple. Blueberries. Celery. Carrots. Salad. Nature Valley granola bar. Banana. Jambalaya (Zaterans - I know... not so clean) Salad. Pears.

Energy Level: Awesome. Awesome. And did I mention, awesome?!

Exercise: Ran 5.4 miles.

Success: Just felt great overall today. I think the 80 degrees day helped a smidge ;)

Challenge: n/a

John's Day 9

Food: Raisin Bran. Oatmeal. Carrots. Celery. Apple. Orange. Turkey sandwich on wheat. Low fat cottage cheese. Low fat yogurt. Nature valley granola bar. Jambalaya. Salad.

Exercise: Ran 2.5 on elliptical. Weights (arms).

Energy Level: Good. Mr. John is starting to get a wee bit impressed by the fact that his energy levels are improving despite giving up coffee, pop, monster, and 5 hour energy...

Success: Just a good day.

Challenge: N/A


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