Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Saturday

It's Saturday and there's no better way to start off the day than with a nice six mile run. Although it was a little chilly, it was a beautiful morning! The sun was shining and the skies were blue. It felt as though God made this day just for me... for my run. My endorphins were flowing and it felt great!

After my 6 mile run

After my run I stretched and iced my knees. I've been experiencing some mild to moderate knee pain beginning a few miles into my runs. I'm thinking it may be my iliotibial band. (If anyone has some tips for how to manage knee pain while training please let me know) I'm thinking about visiting a running specialty store this weekend to get some good advice and possibly new shoes, a knee band, and a foam roller!

Next on the agenda - trying out my new baby cakes donuts maker. It was my first time making donuts and, I've gotta say, they didn't turn out half bad. I know what you're thinking... why run six miles and then ruin it by eating donuts? But you've gotta splurge every once and awhile. I've found that if I'm too restrictive with my diet, that I end up having a "cheat" day that goes way overboard. It's a lot easier to stick with exercising and eating right if you allow yourself some sweets and other "junk" food once and awhile. Moderation is the key.


Then, after demonstrating my mad donut-making skills, I took a nice hot shower and laid my little man down for his afternoon nap. Micah's new favorite thing to do is to climb out of his crib and pack and play. I'm glad my baby boy is so strong and mighty, but the pack and play is the only place we can could put him for a minute to keep him safe and out of the way while we got some stuff done. So I spent the next half hour repeatedly putting my toddler back into his crib and attempting to settle him down for a nap.

Here's a picture of daddy holding the little crazy man after we finally gave up on the nap .

Now it's time to kick back and enjoy the afternoon. The big boys are outside getting some exercise old school style by riding their bikes and playing Nerf wars - a totally made up game they play with the neighborhood kids that includes a very serious set of rules. In a little while, I will take Riley to Walmart to spend his Christmas money. (He's been begging me to take him for like two weeks and we just haven't found a good time when neither he or I are busy with other obligations and we both felt up to going.) I took Khegan shopping to spend his Christmas the week after Christmas, but Riley was up visiting my grandparents for x-mas break so he didn't get to go. 

Then, a little later I will make dinner for the family and possibly the boys' friends if they are still around. Dinner is going to be either spaghetti or tacos. I haven't decided yet. Any votes? 

Finally, I'll wrap up my Saturday with a family movie night and some snuggle time with my man. 

I LOVE the weekends!

And this one has THREE whole days - yay!  :-)


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