Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's your phone of choice for on the go social media marketing??

I'm and running a poll for the next week to see which type of phone New Breed Moms prefer to use to keep up to date with social media marketing on the go! Poll closes on 5/25/10 so cast your vote! ------------>>

Have more to say? Comment on this post to tell us why you love your phone for social media marketing?


Mandy said...

Blackberry Bold! I love having a key board! My husband has an iphone, and I can't get used to the touch screen.

New Breed Mama said...

Touch screens are hard to get used to. I had a Blackberry Curve and switch to a Droid right around Christmas. For a few days I thought I'd end up throwing the phone out the window because learning to text on one is frustrating. But now I love it! The only thing I may like more is the iPhone ...

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