Monday, May 10, 2010

The Stories of Our Lives: Let's Play Ball!

Spring is in the air! And, in Grove City Ohio, that means baseball! - Little League baseball to be precise. We are rooting for the Mariners this season and hoping that Coach Bob will lead the team to victory!

Last Saturday was game one of this season and the Mariner’s faced off against the Indians! It was quite a game! It started off a little rocky as the Mariner’s missed several grounders, but they stood strong and ended up making several great plays!

Then they were up to bat! (In this league all the players get their turn at bat each inning.) Khegan #8 and Riley #11 ended up batting off the tee after several great swings during this coach-pitch game. The practice must have been good for them, because their next at bat they were ready, and they each got an awesome hit! They were all winners at the end of that game!

Tonight was game number two of the season. We watch the Mariners play an outstanding game against the Cubs! Riley play catcher and Khegan played 3rd base. They were looking very lively out there and once again they both got a couple of great hits in!

This New Breed Mama sure is proud of her little ball players!
Grove City Parks and Rec offers a variety of great sports and classes for children as well as adults. This is our first time playing through the parks and rec and we are very happy with the entire program! The coaches are great and the kids are learning a lot! Most importantly they are learning good sportsmanship and how to be a team player!

More information about Grove City Parks and Rec and be found by clicking on the following link and then clicking on the registration link.


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